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Online Art Classes

For Beginners, Professionals or Art Lovers

  • 1 hour
  • Starting at $55
  • Online

Service Description

Online Art Classes by Kate Stavniichuk are for kids and adults of all ages, who want to learn art techniques or need help with introducing to the world of art. Either you are a beginner or a professional artist, or an art lover, you can find an Art Class suitable for you. For every lesson make sure that You know how to use Skype or Zoom. Lessons are only ONLINE. Depending on your goal and experience choose the Individual Lesson or a Package that is the best for You: One Individual lesson “Fundamental basics” - $55 (60 mins) If you’re lost in some basic knowledge of drawing/painting I will give you the answers and fast approach to fix what you’re doing wrong using fundamental basics.  
 One Individual lesson “Personal adviser”- $65 (60 mins)  After thoroughly studying your work and analyzing your skills and experience I will give you my secret tips on how to improve your work pretty quickly and how to avoid doing the same mistakes. I will advice you what you need to work on to get to the level you want to achieve.  
 Package of 5 lessons (each lesson is 60 mins) “Fundamental basics” Drawing/Painting - $250 Sometimes the only problem is the lack of basic knowledge. I will give you 5 lessons of Fundamental knowledge and key tips among a big amount of theory and how to use them in practice the best way.  
 Package of 5 lessons “Personal adviser” Drawing/Painting - $285 Art is passion in your heart and everyone had the unique heart. That’s why the best way to learn secret of successful art is to find personal approach to get there.I will create the whole program of 5 lessons personally for you based on your art skills and experience. I will find your strong and weak sides and help you to focus on your talent and to avoid mistakes.  Step by step you will learn everything you were missing and improve everything you are great at.  For Group Lessons of any two categories mentioned above, discounts are applied, please contact the artist about the price and conditions. For more information contact the artist. 

Cancellation Policy

Please cancel the Lesson or the Package of Lessons not later than 48 hours before the start of the last lesson. The cost of the lesson or the package will be refunded within 24 hours and will take 3-5 days to be sent back to Your bank account or PayPal account according to Your bank policy.

Contact Details

Nashville, TN, USA

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