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People's Choice Salon Show. Greenpoint Gallery

A quick summary of PEOPLE'S CHOICE SALON SHOW November 17th 2017. For this show, professional team with the curator and the founder of the Greenpoint Gallery Shawn James created an amazing event. They let People decide in their highly popular People's Choice Show, which means everyone who attended voted for the winners (their favorite artist)! They passed out ballots at the door and everyone who attended chose the winners! It is always one of the most well attended nights in Greenpoint Gallery, boasting record art sales and a large community of fellow artists and art lovers!

Three artworks of the artist Kate Stavniichuk were exhibited and highly appreciated at this event. The chosen art pieces were represented as the women magnificence and uniqueness.

Here are a few shots of the works from the People's Choice Show.

Credit picture: Dulys Salcedo


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